bullet journal, Spreads for Students

Bullet journal: spreads for students

Hi everyone, In this week's post, I thought I would share some of my favourite spreads for students, whether at university, college or school. The first spread is a timetable. This can be done in a grid format, as is traditional, but I like the idea of a timeline with a colour coded box telling… Continue reading Bullet journal: spreads for students

Weekly spreads

Changing my weekly spread

Hi everyone, In my dispelling common bullet journalling myths post, I emphasised how the best part of bullet journalling was that you could change it up if something wasn't working for you or if your needs changed. I had been using the same weekly spread for months, and after seeing so many beautiful weekly spreads… Continue reading Changing my weekly spread

Monthly set-ups

Bullet Journal setup: February 2019

Hi everyone, As January is nearing an end, I thought it was time to share my February setup with you. For February, I wasn't going to do a Valentine's Day theme, so I drew string lights with light bulbs on. However, I then made this into a Valentine's theme by adding red hearts to the… Continue reading Bullet Journal setup: February 2019

bullet journal

Dispelling common bullet journalling myths

Hi everyone! As I've been speaking to people about my bullet journal, I realised that a lot of people have misconceptions about what a bullet journal is and does. 1) You have to be good at art You definitely don't have to be good at art - I am absolutely not good at art. There… Continue reading Dispelling common bullet journalling myths

Weekly spreads

Weekly spread ideas for beginners

Hi everyone! Today I thought I'd share with you some of my favourite weekly spreads for beginners. For all of these spreads, I only used a fine-liner, a ruler, a pencil and varying highlighters. So don't think that you need any specialist equipment to start a bullet journal. These set-ups are ones I have used… Continue reading Weekly spread ideas for beginners

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Setting up my boyfriend’s bullet journal

Hello everyone! Today I thought I would share with you how I set up my boyfriend's bullet journal. He wanted it to be fully functional, with minimal decoration - just something to keep himself organised. He is a journalist at a local newspaper, so needed to keep on top of meetings, calls and stories he… Continue reading Setting up my boyfriend’s bullet journal

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How to start your bullet journal

Hello everyone! I've noticed when talking to people about my bullet journal that they would just┬álove to start one, but think that it's too complicated or difficult to keep up with. But the truth is that a bullet journal is defined to be flexible around your life and what you specifically need in a notebook.… Continue reading How to start your bullet journal

Monthly set-ups

Bullet Journal setup: January 2019

Hello everyone! As a final year university student, I find that the best way to keep myself organised and on top of all my commitments, deadlines and seminar work, is to keep a bullet journal. I've kept a bullet journal since April 2017 and have found it to really benefit my productivity. Today, I thought… Continue reading Bullet Journal setup: January 2019