Platform 3 in 0 Minutes

Waiting impatiently on the platform, I glance at the board again. It’s blank. Broken. There are no conductors on the platform to interrogate about the status of my train. But, I know that it’ll be here any minute. It always comes to this platform so I’m not wrong and it is normally late. So, there’s nothing to worry about, right?

As I rub my hands together to protect them from the cold, I pace up and down the platform to keep my muscles moving and warm. Why has there not yet been an announcement that my train will be here soon? It’s supposed to be here in one minute and there’s nothing to suggest that it’s going to be late.

And where are all the people that are usually on my commute? The platform is empty. Surely I can’t be the only one that is getting on. The platform is usually packed with commuters and bicycles. And staff.

Feeling my phone vibrate, I take it out of my pocket to see if it was a notification about some sort of delay. The possibility which seemed most likely. Although it was from The Train Line, it didn’t say what I had expected: “Your Oxford train departs from Platform 3 in 0 minutes.”

Looking up to the sign of what platform I was on, I read the number 2. Horrified, I peered at the platform across, which must have been platform 3, to see what looked like the usual train I caught. Through the window, I could see those familiar faces that yesterday would have been stood on this platform with me.

Shooting down the stairs, I sprinted to the next platform. But, as I arrived, the train slid away into the distance. I held my head in my hands and sank to the floor on the now vacant platform, letting out a small shriek of devastation.


Writing Challenge #5

Your character gets an interview for her dream job, but everything goes wrong…

Writing Prompt #3

Hi everyone,

It’s a Wednesday, which means I’ll be giving you another writing prompt today:

“Her mum glared. “Did you actually just say that?” she shot.” Finish the story.

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Writing Challenge #3

Hi everyone,

Monday’s are writing challenge days here on writeitgeorgia. This weeks challenge is:

Take a scene from a film or a chapter from a story that you don’t like and change what you don’t like about it.

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Writing Prompt #2

Hi everyone,

This weeks writing prompt is:

You are told you can no longer do your favourite sport or hobby – how do you feel? Write about it.

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Writing Challenge #2

Hi everyone,

Today is Monday, which brings the second writing challenge of 2018:

Write a story about the next message/email you receive.

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Devoured Memories

Piling up the dead leaves and dried wood in her back garden, she gawked at it. There was a large accumulation of souvenirs at her side that were going to join the pile before they’re extinguished.

Lighting the match, she dropped it on the assortment of dead nature and waited for each one to catch some of the fire. The flames spread boldly in the dark night. It mesmerised her as she took hold of the box of memories she wants to forget.

She felt as though that portion of her life had been led by lies for the past six years. How could she let herself be taken for a fool like this?

The fire roared as she threw the first photo on it. Sparks of orange and red flew up into the sky. A sadness overwhelmed her as the photo disappeared from her view, turning to ashes, but the memory remained firmly embedded in her mind. She could remember that wedding so vividly; her cousin had married and he’d accompanied her. it was the first time he had met her extended family and they had loved him. They were so overjoyed that she’d found someone that could treat her so well – how wrong they had all been! She used to think that she was a good judge of character but, after how he had lied to her for that many years, she wasn’t so sure.

She picked up the next item of memorabilia from their relationship – a football ticket form when he took her to her first ever match. She had been absolutely terrified. She didn’t know that football fans could be so aggressive when they hate the other team. Why he’d taken her to his team’s main rivals for her first game, she wasn’t sure. She vowed never to go to another game after that. It was such an awful experience. He had tried his best to protect her, but he couldn’t stop the fans around her not caring about what happened to her.

She threw the ticket into the blaze.

The fire reflected back in her pupil; she couldn’t stop looking at some of her favourite memories burning to ash. She had always been a sentimental person, keeping cinema tickets and restaurant receipts in a box. She had always wanted to remember all their good times together. She never thought that those good times would be overshadowed by something like this.

She couldn’t look at the next few photos before they got thrown into the fire. She couldn’t let herself want to keep them. She needed this purge; it was therapeutic.

She found the ticket from their first date and threw it straight into the fire, feeling angry that the date went well. If it hadn’t, maybe she wouldn’t have wasted so much of her time with him. Maybe she would have gone home and laughed about another terrible date to her friends and they would have all moved on.

Unable to look through the rest of the box, she threw the remaining pieces into the fire without even glancing through them. She watched the fire roar and spark as it devoured her memories. The dark smoke filled the blackened sky and she sat and gazed.

Her mum told her to remember the good times, that she can’t sit around and think that she’d wasted six years of her life. That she needed to remember the moments she was happy.

But that was hard because the whole six years have been overshadowed by his lies.

The physical memories were gone, but they would be imprinted on her brain forever.

Writing Prompt #1

Hi everyone!

The first writing prompt of 2018:

You are in a supermarket and the cashier is rude to you Рwhat happens next?

Please share your responses with me; I would love to read them! Tag me in the post, use the hashtag #writeitgeorgiaprompt, or comment your responses on this post below.

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Writing Challenge #1

Hi everyone,

The first writing challenge of 2018 is:

Write a story based on the next song to come on shuffle.

I would love to read your responses to this challenge. Tag me in the post, use the hashtag #writeitgeorgiachallenge, or comment your responses on this post below.

Good luck!